Slim Down and Look Amazing with The Subway Diet

Subway Diet is Real and Yes, It Works! Jared Fogle’s weight-loss success story, where he lost more than 245 pounds while eating Subway, is true. Jared’s weight loss was achieved in one year only by sticking to his diet. You can achieve the same results! Visit before reading this.

Subway diet success is achieved by being conscientious about your eating habits. Subway provides a range of sandwiches in the “Subway diet” category. The subs in this category have no more than 6 grams of saturated fat. Substituting Subway Subs with this category for your two daily meals and combining them with exercise will allow you to lose weight, just as Jared did.

Jared’s actions were quite simple. Jared was 425 pounds at the start of his Subway dieting weight-loss odyssey. The extra weight he carried was a threat to his health, and he looked into various diets. Subway is a diet that was developed by him because it seemed like nothing else would help him to lose the enormous amount of weight.

Jared began to walk one and half miles each way to his local Subway store and order their subs. Subway subs replaced all of his meals for lunch and evening, including breakfast. This is something many weight-loss specialists do not recommend. The man also consumed baked potato crisps and water, or diet soda. He lost weight by walking every day and reducing his calorie intake.

Jared’s successful weight loss came down to portion control. After eating a six-inch turkey sandwich for lunch, he had a twelve-inch veggie sub as dinner. It was a sub without oil or mayonnaise so it didn’t have any fat calories. His body was getting only good calories from vegetables, lean meats, and the bread. It was amazing.

You too can achieve this. Although it is not recommended that you skip breakfast, an easy breakfast of a small bowl of cereal with whole grains and nuts or fruit along with a cup coffee can be the perfect way to start your morning. Subway sandwiches are great for lunch or dinner. It’s possible to add baked chips from Subway and have it washed down with either flavored or diet water. You’re done! Subway’s diet is as simple as that.

Add exercise to the diet by walking from your home to Subway to get lunch and dinner. If that is not an option, you could consider joining a local fitness center or walking in your neighborhood. Although you may lose some weight with the Subway diet, to maximize your weight loss you will need to exercise regularly and eat healthy.