Plastic Surgery Is Different From Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic and plastic surgery are the same. Both terms describe a surgery in which a surgeon uses surgical methods to manipulate certain parts of the human body portland facial. Both terms have different meanings when it is about the reasons why a person seeks out a surgeon. Plastic surgery aims to restore function or form to selected body parts. Cosmetic surgery, however, is aimed at restoring form. This type of surgery is usually sought by patients for cosmetic reasons.

Cosmetic surgery can be elective. Patients who choose cosmetic surgery do so to improve the appearance of their bodies, such as the face, stomach and thighs. Patients of plastic surgery do not always seek elective surgery. Many of these patients have been injured or suffered trauma to certain body parts, such as the nose, breasts or limbs. A skin graft was the first documented plastic surgery. It was performed on an injured soldier whose face was severely disfigured as a result of combat. These patients may not need to undergo plastic surgery in order to restore their body’s function, but this type of surgery will improve both the form and function of the chosen body part.

Rhinoplasties are two of the many plastic surgeries which can be performed as elective cosmetic surgery. Patients will often seek a rhinoplasty in order to restore the shape of a blocked nose cavity. Women who had a masectomy may seek breast enhancement surgery to restore their breast form. However, some patients may opt for a nose job if they don’t like the shape or size of their normal functioning nose. Breast enhancement is also done by younger women to increase their breasts’ size. A breast reduction also falls under the category of plastic surgery. It may be needed for patients who have breasts too large. This can cause back pain, and interfere with the patient’s daily activities.