Best Car Detailing La Mesa San Diego 91941

It is important to note that the advice provided below only scratches the surface of car detailing. To give your vehicle a great look, keep reading and doing research.

Paint can be smoothed out with polish

It is important to use polish on your car’s paint because it will smoothen the surface and give it a new shine. While some of the polishes contain wax to help protect your paint, it does not actually smooth out the paint. To polish your paint, if it’s something you do regularly, an oscillating tool can be used. Rotating polishing machines are used by the professionals. They work faster, but they can also damage the paint. Oscillating buffers work better if your aren’t a professional.

Good car detailers will measure the results by holding a ruler at an angle perpendicularly on the surface. They’ll then see the reflection of that ruler. They will read the highest number on their ruler to determine the quality of the paint.

Wax is a good way to protect your paint.

Clear coat is applied to new vehicles when they are shipped from the factory. Over time this clear coat begins to wear away, and the paint has no protection against the environment. The wax can be of great help. In a few short months wax will be worn off the surface of your car, but it will still absorb any stains or small scratches. The older generations tend to prefer paste waxes, whereas the younger like liquids.

As both products work equally, the choice comes down to personal preference. Finaly, professional car detailing professionals use two layers of wax. They do this to make sure they cover any areas the first may not have covered. It is not worth your time to try and apply more than one coat of wax for extra protection. As they do not adhere to paint, the coating will come off the car when it is buff.

Use wax when seasons change

It is likely that between the time you clean your paint and apply wax, you picked up some stains or scratches. Although a liquid spray can be used to cover up minor stains or scratches in between waxings it is not an alternative for real wax. Since there’s no sure way to detect when your wax coating has worn away, you are advised to keep a consistent schedule. For example, if you drive every day in the sun on your vehicle then it would be best to wax at every seasonal change.